Journalling has changed my life.

It’s helped me meet versions of myself. I’ve confronted my past, reflected on my present and envisioned my future – usually through morning pages, written in my favourite leather bound journal with my favourite 0.3″ blue fountain pen.

Some of the thoughts are inspired… Some are pensive… Some make no sense in the present, and end up being meaningful and useful down the road.

I know I’ve found value in diving into the minds of other that inhabit this creative field. By no means are these collections attempting to exist in the same realm of qualified legitimacy as my idols… in fact they are simply selected words I wish I could have read as I began to navigate this life as a creative entrepreneur.

There are three collections of thoughts that pervade my morning pages.

1) reflections on the goodness nestled in my daily life – I have dubbed these Moments of Levity.

2) Notes to my past self; guidance around the landmines of the creative industry. In the long shot chance someone else is seeking guidance I want to share my collected anecdotes and lessons through writings called The Ladder – my way of making success in this field as accessible as possible to new creatives.

3) I used to write down all of my camera settings, development processing, and shot annotations in my journal following shoots. Through these reflections, I came to realize that consistent reflection on my craft helped exponentially cut learning curves. Trust The Process is my working repository of field notes as I navigate my day to day.

I hope you find this insightful, helpful, and enjoyable.


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